Adaptec Storage Manager Script for ESX4

This article shows you how to script and alert (via email) for when any of your RAID disks show as offline or your Logical Drive is not showing as optimal.

In order to obtain all the stats about your Adaptec RAID card from your ESX box you can install the asm (adaptec storage manager) rpm which you can get from the Adaptec website.

Once this is  installed you can then run a number of commands via the shell to query you RAID card.

  • Due to using a script and not using its java gui i removed the gui from the startup scripts via "chkconfig --del stor_agent"
  • Ensure you have ssmtp installed so that you can send emails via your command line.
  • You will now need to add this script to your cron job. CLICK HERE FOR SCRIPT. You will need to change the email variables.

Heres a sample of the html based email that is generated ...